Seo Packages for agencies

The Seo Packages for agencies service meets the needs of all those agencies which need to delegate certain SEO projects to third parties.

If you have projects that you can not personally follow, Seo Cube plays the operating part on your behalf. Depending on your requirements, it is possible to determine the services to be included in the SEO package. You can simply ask for a link building activity or you can require a blanket SEO project, which also includes an advanced reporting system made available to you and your clients, and customized with your company logo. Whatever are your needs, we will analyze the situation of the website and plan the work to do.

According to our philosophy, we will register all the data of the work we will carry out in our tracking and report software so to give you and your clients all the information about what is happening in your website. The staff of Seo Cube, after listening carefully to your needs, will take “care” of your client’s website as if it were his own.

It is well known that each agency wants to make a good impression with its customers and, obviously, to keep them. So, if you have no chance to follow a project, why do you run the risk to loose a customer?

Buy the Seo Cube’s Seo services and you can count on a double satisfaction: yours and the one of your client.


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