Content optimization

The content of a website is one of the fundamental elements for the search engines positioning and, in particular, for Google, because both try to provide users with useful and informative search results. Not always, however, a well-written text is enough to make the search engines think that it is attractive because there are many […]

Layout optimization

The optimization of a layout is done to make sure that your website is structured in such a way as to highlight useful parts of it and to prevent the user from being distracted and do not reach the proposed target (sale, action, etc.) . In fact, several studies have shown that the user has […]

WordPress optimization

The WordPress platform is an excellent tool for those who need a system for managing the content of their websites (a CMS). Thanks to the many plug-ins available, and to a well-made basic structure, WordPress allows you to create websites with a clean code in a simple way. However, starting from a basic installation not […]

CSS and image optimization

To wait several minutes a website to load its content requires a great patience and we know that, today, this is a rare quality. Apparently, even the search engines think the same and sometimes they discriminate all the websites that have this problem. The slowness of a website may depend on several factors, but most […]

Website speed optimization

When you enter a website, how long are you going to wait to load the page before looking for a faster one? Certainly not much; and like you, also other users will close websites that take a long tome to load the content. Typically, search engines reward all the websites more useful to users, and […]

Website optimization

Have you ever wondered why certain pages of your website receives very few visitors? The answers could be many, but, probably, the most common is that those pages are not properly detected by the search engines and so, they are barely visible. If this were the reason, it would mean that your website was build […]

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