Landing pages design

Your pay per click campaign is not converting as you hoped ? Soon, you will see why. A well-structured pay per click campaign is not just choosing the right keywords and persuasive ads, but also good landing pages. Most of those who does a PPC campaign makes the big mistake to take the user to […]

Conversion tracking

Managing an AdWords campaign requires several phases of analysis: in fact, is not enough to stand out in the initial stage and to consider the work finished. You should be able to analyze the work in progress. Basically, these analysis consist in tracking your website conversion rate: it is an advanced system that allows us […]

Lead generation

A good Adwords campaign must necessarily record a good ROI (return on investment) and, thus, lead to conversions to the site. To do this, you need a preliminary study of the area of expertise: ie, to set the campaign correctly as regards the keywords, as for the type of ad, and finally its landing pages. […]

Guaranteed SEO – Pay per Performance

Anyone who trusts in web marketing agency aims to increase the conversions to his website, whether they are direct online sales or the estimate cost of a service. The SEO guaranteed service is based on the concept of Lead Generation and aims to increase the conversions of a website through various activities which may include […]

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